Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Life So Far (really rough draft)

Not gonna do a bunch of small talk. Just getting this out.

MOTHER: Growing up in Los Angeles with her skitzophrenic mother was not easy. At all. Grandma was deranged to the point that she felt sending out my five year old mom at twelve o' clock in the morning in downtown LA to get a gallon of milk was okay. For obvious reasons, I can't get into much detail, however. Just know there was abuse aplenty. So after twelve years of that, mom got some sense and left; moving on to live with her aunt, still in LA.Still not a walk in the park, but considerably better than the previous. Then she barely graduated high school and got into some deep shit, which, again, I can't delve into. But she met my dad on a bus stop, on her way to sell her body to a businessman.

FATHER: Most of this is from what I read in an autobiography he did for a night class. His parents got divorced when he was pretty young, and he ended up living with his mom and the boyfriends she constantly had. But apparently, his mom didn't have great taste, cause they would repetitively get drunk and beat on him and his mom. I remember one particular story, in which on Thanksgiving day, the bf got drunk, flipped the table over, knocking all the food onto the floor, and proceeded to beat on his mom. My father tried to stop him, but due to his size and age, only succeeded to get beat as well. So at some time, his mother got really sick, was hospitalized, and died on christmas morning, leaving behind him and his sister in grief. They both spiraled into depression; him getting into drugs and alcohol, her developing an eating disorder. Dad was in and out of jail from twelve years old, spending in California's infamous Folsom prison on high security. But he converted to Christianity in prison, got out, got clean, became a minister in a pretty decent sized church, then met my mother. Love. Sex. Then Me.

ME: Born to Anthony and Rosalind McNeill on September 30, 1996 in Los Angeles, California. Great first year; no money issues, dad stayed clean, had my sister in '98, then problems began. Dad got back on drugs, moved to Columbia, TN, so we could live with dad's step mom (grandma). Divorce. Then mother met my (now) ex-step father, got pregnant with my little brother, married esd and moved to Louisville, KY. I don't really think much of my esd. We never had much of a relationship. I honestly don't remember a single on-dad's-knee-type conversation with him. So when mom divorced him, I was generally unaffected. But before that, I had resumed my educational journeys at the prestigious Goldsmith elementary school, where I met the always wonderful Ms.Simamora, who will no doubtedly be reading this at one time or another. But i got put in advanced classes there, and stayed there though my education up until last year. But at some point, my mother began to transform into an abusive, tyrannical monster. I got punched kicked, slammed into walls, hit with boots, pushed onto stove burners, etc etc. Not a fun time. That time period is slowly coming to and end, but me and mom still have issues. bleh. that's enough for tonight.