Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

I don't know if you remember your years as a youngster in elementary school, so let me tell you about them. You were lied to. When I enteres elementary school in the lil old town of Columbia, Tennessee, I was taught quite a lot. But one thing that was viciously hammered into my head was that America is the greatest nation in the world. Other countires were crawling over each other, trying to get ahead of us. We had the best of everything: the best health care, the best schools, and the best citizens. Even before I was taught the alphabet, I was taught to put my hand over my heart and pledge my allegiance to a country I was horribly lied to about. Doesn't that seem a little strange? That false impression being indoctrinated into the children's heads. We call ourselves the land of the free, and the home of the brave. But are we free? Are we brave? What kind of free citizens line up around the damn block to surrender their civil liberties as a requisite to travel? What kind of free citiens allow themselves to be torrerized and abused by garbage such as the PATRIOT Act? What kind of brave people shit themselves tih fear eveytime a black guy gets on a bus with them, or when a guy with a turban wants to ride on an airplane? We are repeatedly fed war propoganda and lies intended to incite irrational panic in order to keep us in line (sound familiar, George Orwell?), and we don't even realize it. (hed) p.e.'s song "Bloodfire" phrases it greatly: "One by one, the sheep start to realize; tow by tow we expose this world of lies". Now realize that I am not a conspiracy theorist. I do not believe that the goverment is trying to kill us, or is part of a plan for intergaltactic conquest, or whatever. But I do realize that YOUR GOVERMENT (if you're American, anyways) SEES YOU AS SHEEP. YOU ARE BUT A MEANS TO KEEP THE POWERFUL IN POWER, AND KEEP THE RICH IN CONTROL OF THE WEALTH. Your congress is run by multi-national cooporations that use the Senators and House members as mouthpieces for their fiscal gain and total social control. Are they brave? Are YOU brave? Ask yourself, arew you even willing to protest about something anymore? What happened to that spirit, that American spirit of rebellion that made it what is once was? "When the government turns tyrannical, it is your duty to overthrow it." But could we even do that? One of my favorite quotes, that I'll end with, "If Jesus came back today to save the world, the CIA would have him killed or fear of taking over."

Monday, May 23, 2011

Teens Pt.1

I weep for my people. This generation of youth is one that tops every other in its unmitigated selfishness and lack of understanding. They say we are the generation that will take our planet to a level that it’s never been before. But I believe that the only place we'll effectively lead it is straight to Hell. Here's why:

YOUNG WOMEN: Do this as an experiment (this is for the total of probably two girls that read this blog, but guys are welcome to do it also). Stand in front of a full-body mirror naked and stare at yourself. Look over every inch of your body for at least five minutes, then come up with as many adjectives as you can that you feel appropriately describe you. Now, I'm willing to bet that most of you did not write “beautiful”, “natural”, or anything else that truly describes what you are. Why do I know this? Because teen girls as a whole have horrible self-esteem. But every single young woman reading this is very, very beautiful, has potential to be extremely intelligent, but just as much as they are these things, they do not often realize it. AS much as I love these girls, I feel an emotion that can only be properly described as a combination of rage and pity when they say "I'm not pretty," or "I'm stupid." There are specific girls I could mention but I won't, so I'll simply say that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You are a gorgeous young woman who needs to learn the lesson of judging by your own standards, and not by this world's. The simple fact is, not everyone is destined to look like a Barbie doll with a size negative two waist, but your natural beauty is so far ahead of that it's indescribable. I honestly wish that every girl could look in the mirror and see what I see: the naturally aesthetic creature they were born to be. But girls have become obsessed with creating their beauty, whether it be with makeup or with a thinner waist or whatever. The concept that having a round ass and D cup boobs means beauty is so drilled into their heads it's sickening. The concept of "natural beauty" is lost on most of them. I have a good friend, who happens to be a girl, who because of some past issues can understandably feel less than positive about her image. I'm not going to go into any specifics, but by what limited communication we've had, we've become extremely close. This may be a hard concept for some to grasp, but I love this girl to death and do not feel an urge to have sex with her. Shocking, I know. But the point is that this girl is extremely beautiful, and because of past events, may not be in total agreement. This is understandable. Not very pleasing, but understandable. However, if you are a stuck-up, pretentious cheerleader whose had everything you've wanted in life and still cannot feel content with yourself, you're just sad. You are a poor excuse for a human being. Not that I'm saying very much, but you are simply pathetic. Most girls with low self-esteem have no credible reason for it. Okay, so maybe a past boyfriend called you a slut one time. So you fall into a pit of unworthiness and total self-criticism? IDIOT. TOTAL. IDIOT. Now, if you feel that way, I'll still love you. I just won't like you very much. And that’s another hard concept that requires attention. Pay attention to this statement: YOU, BEING A TEEN GIRL, DO NOT UNDERSTAND SYNONYMS. Loving someone and being in love with someone are two totally different things. I love my sister, but just because I live in Kentucky doesn't mean I'm IN LOVE with my sister. Fine examples of words incorrectly used interchangeably:

* Pretty and beautiful

* Music and mainstream rap

* Skinny and healthy

* Ignorant and stupid

* Stupid and retarded

* Lil Wayne and talented musician

* Weird and unique

* verbal abuse and physical abuse

* outcast and loner

* emo and goth

* police and law enforcement

* love and lust

* desire and passion

* hipster and unique

* blunt and rude

* nice and pushover

And I could go on and on and on. But the point is, for some strange reason, we feel as if we can switch words back and forth in different contexts and still get the same meaning. There are a few words that are interchangable (ie. big and large, funny and humorous, smart and intelligent, etc.), but they're in the minority. Most of the time, we humans like to feel samrt by substituting big words that don't fit for smaller words that make more sense. How do you not realize how plain dumb that is? How do you not realize that saying "I don't like Mexicans" isn't rude, but honest? How do you not realize that weighing ninety pounds when you're six feet tall is not healthy, no matter how tight a shirt you can fit when you are? How do you girls not realize that your hips do not make your identity? Whatever, I'm done.

I'll rant about boys in the next post.

Song of the day: I Just Had Sex by The Lonely Island

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So it’s been a little while, and I’ve just been bubbling with stuff to share with you, my precious audience, but I’ve simply been lacking the time/attention span/resources to. But while I sit in my room at home, I figured I’ll just type up my blog here and post it later when I have internet access. Ah, the wonders of technology. Let’s delve into our painfully long journey, shall we?







  1. Otep’s new album “Atavist” was a disappointment. Not that I like her for her ability to load an album full of amazing tracks or anything, there’s normally one or two worth repeated play and a bunch of fillers. I sincerely hope that the Beastie Boys’ new album coming out tomorrow (today when you’re reading this) will live up to the Boys’ solid reputation. Also, I recently discovered a bunch of awesome bands, including The Mouth of Ghosts, Atreyu, Bad Rabbits, Our Last Night, Close Your Eyes, and I’m looking into more Dragonforce stuff besides just Through the Fire and Flames. All for music. 
  2. Saturday evening, I and a few other fellows went to a popular local skating rink, called Skate World. Mistake. I think I started to realize things were a bit awry when I spotted a couple of girls looking no more than fourteen years old loitering outside and smoking cigarettes. But hey, teenagers do that right? Not a big deal or anything. So we go inside, the air is musty, the music sucks, the food is overpriced, the teens are waaaaay too skinny/trendy/uninteligent, and the cops by the door keep trying to make us get skates when we make it abundantly clear that we are not skating. Stupid cops.
  3. And now, of course, Osama bin Laden. We killed him, for those who didn't know. My initial reaction was just shock, since I figured he was just dead. But then I felt nothing but pity, when I watched the news and saw the people of America practically dancing in the streets, rejoicing over their enemy's death like some primitive tribal ceremony. Even a bar downtown here gave out free chamopagne in celebration. That's just sickening to me. The people have been forcefed so much propoganda that they practically do whatever the government asks of them upon request, as long as the gov't kills enemies that never were a huge threat anyway. Yes, you read correctly. OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS NEVER A THREAT TO YOU. Granted, he killed some people, and I'm not undervaluing that. But just think; what else did he do? Can you even tell me? Think about it.

To be continued.