Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

I don't know if you remember your years as a youngster in elementary school, so let me tell you about them. You were lied to. When I enteres elementary school in the lil old town of Columbia, Tennessee, I was taught quite a lot. But one thing that was viciously hammered into my head was that America is the greatest nation in the world. Other countires were crawling over each other, trying to get ahead of us. We had the best of everything: the best health care, the best schools, and the best citizens. Even before I was taught the alphabet, I was taught to put my hand over my heart and pledge my allegiance to a country I was horribly lied to about. Doesn't that seem a little strange? That false impression being indoctrinated into the children's heads. We call ourselves the land of the free, and the home of the brave. But are we free? Are we brave? What kind of free citizens line up around the damn block to surrender their civil liberties as a requisite to travel? What kind of free citiens allow themselves to be torrerized and abused by garbage such as the PATRIOT Act? What kind of brave people shit themselves tih fear eveytime a black guy gets on a bus with them, or when a guy with a turban wants to ride on an airplane? We are repeatedly fed war propoganda and lies intended to incite irrational panic in order to keep us in line (sound familiar, George Orwell?), and we don't even realize it. (hed) p.e.'s song "Bloodfire" phrases it greatly: "One by one, the sheep start to realize; tow by tow we expose this world of lies". Now realize that I am not a conspiracy theorist. I do not believe that the goverment is trying to kill us, or is part of a plan for intergaltactic conquest, or whatever. But I do realize that YOUR GOVERMENT (if you're American, anyways) SEES YOU AS SHEEP. YOU ARE BUT A MEANS TO KEEP THE POWERFUL IN POWER, AND KEEP THE RICH IN CONTROL OF THE WEALTH. Your congress is run by multi-national cooporations that use the Senators and House members as mouthpieces for their fiscal gain and total social control. Are they brave? Are YOU brave? Ask yourself, arew you even willing to protest about something anymore? What happened to that spirit, that American spirit of rebellion that made it what is once was? "When the government turns tyrannical, it is your duty to overthrow it." But could we even do that? One of my favorite quotes, that I'll end with, "If Jesus came back today to save the world, the CIA would have him killed or fear of taking over."

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