Friday, March 25, 2011

Fantastic Four Followers; Poem

First off, I congratulate Mister Collin Farmer for creating an account just to follow me. I feel special. Secondly, today is Kristen and I's one month anniversary. (If I used emoticons, one would be right here. Smiling. Huge.) It's truly amazing, how close two people can get after only one month. Feels a lot shorter though. Thirdly, you all reading should feel horrible, because after ferociously playing the drums for about two hours yesterday evening, I GOT BLISTERS ON ME FINGAS, and it hurts like crazy just to type this. But I'll pardon you this one time. Maybe I'll make a recording of a my practice sometime, and post it. Consider it a treat from me. Besides the treat of my words, which you all have the privelage of consuming on a semi-regular basis. And with that being said, I'm probably gonna post this on a Monday-through-Friday schedule, excluding most weekends. Unless something special happens to me, which I doubt it will. POEM TIME:

Untitled (reccomend for a title, if you want)

As I sit and wait
Drowning in myself
Considering my help misplaced
Or simply lost
But not much good does a lost calvary do
When I stare my enemy in the eyes
Reaching out towards the mirror
I swear my reflection smiled
Just when I felt like crying
But real men shed no tears
This I've learned
Through the painful,
iconoclastic indoctrination
Swimming through this curvilinear,
gyrating space
I'm losing myself
Lost alognside the army sent to rescue me
Strane days
Running through the maze
Shake off the haze
Find yourself

Song of the Day: One Day by Matisyahu

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