Monday, March 21, 2011


It's been several, several internaet decades since you have last read my words. Shame too, cause I love blogging. Just not enought to do it on any regular basis. I've since resorted to sharing my thoughts through numerous Facebook statuses, but as I sat in Computer Applicatons class and tried not to drown in my own vile combination of phlegm and boredom, I stumbled upon a blog. This blog. Inspired by his awesomeness, I procceeded to log on again. After several internet decades, consider this my triumphant return, after conquering the faraway lands and robbing their spoils. Also known as the Kingdom of Perpetual Laziness. Whatever. This will probably become my spot for "publishing" poetry, rants/speeches, and just random blathering. I don't think blathering is a word, but it sounds good.

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  1. Do it, Mister. I'm glad to helped jumpstart your wasting time.