Monday, March 28, 2011

Fancy Eatin'

So I told myself I wasn't going to start with "so", but oh well. Saturday, I attended a celebratory banquet at the Galt House hotel, here in Louisville. Anyone who lives here knows it a one of the fancier hotels, and I do say, it was quite fancy. Especially the food. First, we were served this salad, on weird shaped plates. But besides the fact that it came with dressing on it, I got the idea that the cooks were trying to please everyone. In the top right corner, there were these sweet and salty almonds; in the bottom left, there lied a portion of crumbled bleu cheese; and in the other corners there were two red rasberries. I wasn't really sure what to do with them though; should I just eat them, roll them into my salad, squeeze the juice over the salad, or what. They ended up just sitting on the plate. I was also unsure of what fork to use, as there were three set up around the plate. Apparently rich people can't enjoy their food unless it's set up just right. Then the entree was some kind of chicken, encrusted with something sweet; greean beans; rice; and some kind of red pepper, that I was also unsure of what to do with. As you can imagine, being a po' boy, I was very confused by the whole business. Then the desert was chesecake. Needless to say, only about two women ate the whole slice (I assume for fear of being called fat. Trust me woman, you are fat). But besides cutting part of my suit while attemoting to remove that tags, it was a pretty decent evening. At least I didn't throw up the food.
My rendition of what the setup was like. Drawn in msPaint with the mouse. Forgive me, God.
Song of the Day: Daydreams by (hed) p.e.


  1. You guys have a gigantic slugger leaning against a building in Louisville, right? I passed through once on a bus.

    Also, I often start my sentences with "so."

  2. Yeah, we do. It's for the Louisville Slugger Museum.