Monday, April 11, 2011

Forgive Me, I'm Just A Man.

First off, I apologize. I know all you loyal followers have been in tears, not being able to partake in my words of wisdom. But I have an excuse. The little area in which the note is constructed was just loading, and loading, and loading, and loading, and loading, and it kinda pissed me off, so I punched straight through my monitor with my Herculean strength. Quite enjoyable. Excuse number two; spring break. I was too busy failing at hurdling fences and fire hydrants to blog. But maybe you'll feel less blind rage when I tell you how while attempting to hurdle the fence at a local park, my leg was caught in it at the same time my hand was completely missing the pole I was trying to grab and use to hurl myself over. I now have bruises. On my soul. (Speaking of the soul, I'm curious; how do you think it works? In body, out of body, what's it made of, etc. TELL MEH.) Excuse number three; poetry. While in the "teens" section of a local library, I discovered a room. With magnetic walls. Needless to say, I was in ectasy. The wall was covered with words on refrigerator magnets, so I pulled a bunch and wrote a poem about a girl addicted to drugs. Due to my limited avaliable vocabulary, it was a lot more direct than my usual poetry, but it was as cryptic as I could make it. I'd post it, but I can only remember the first stanza. The look was awesome though, with the individual words and different fonts and crap. Wish I would've made a copy of it, but oh well.

All I can remember:

In a place by the present day
Is a woman in costume
Remember when she smiled?
We remember who you were.

Song of the Day: Tractor Pull by Within the Ruins

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